How to Use Spiritual Boot Camp Discipleship Materials

Personal use by an individual Christian

Although the Spiritual Boot Camp material is primarily designed (and recommended) for use as an accountability tool between two or more Christians, an individual Christian can also work through this material alone if necessary. In such a case, it is highly recommended that the individual using the material should not simply read about the accountability tools, i.e., the 40-Day Chart, the Scripture Memory Card System (SMCS), the Guidelines for Personal Prayer List (GPPL), and the Record of Bible Reading (RBR). Rather, these tools should be implemented into your personal devotional life as you work your way through the Spiritual Boot Camp Material.

For use as a discipleship tool between two or more Christians

Two or more Christians can work through the Spiritual Boot Camp materials together for the purpose of discipleship in the area of the daily devotional life. Perhaps an older and more spiritually mature Christian may act as a mentor to tutor the other Christian and hold him accountable to complete all of the material, or two Christians may simply hold each other accountable as they work through the material together.

Each person should read and study the material on their own, one chapter at a time, and complete the discussion guide questions at the end of each chapter as they go. These Christians should meet together regularly (weekly, or, no less than once every two weeks). At each meeting, the accountability system is vital! Have each person produce their copies of the Spiritual Boot Camp chapter under study, the completed discussion guide at the end of the chapter, as well as all of the accountability tools listed above and at the end of Chapter Two. Each person’s tools should be checked for progress or the lack thereof. Accountability partners should pray together at these meetings, encourage each other, and thoroughly discuss the material in each chapter. The discussion guides at the end of each chapter are specifically designed to be used in such meetings.

Once all of the chapters have been completed, accountability meetings can continue, using the basic accountability tools. The subject matter of the chapters should occasionally be reviewed, especially if a spiritual problem or some struggle related to that material pops up in the life of one of the accountability partners.

For use in pastoral counseling or personal Christian counseling

The Spiritual Boot Camp materials are specifically designed to serve as a springboard into the discussion of counseling related subjects such as fear, worry, depression, temptation, etc. I have found these materials to be extremely helpful as a background project while focusing on some particular counseling problem, i.e. marriage problems, anxiety, depression, etc. I have especially found these materials to be helpful as a background project in counseling sessions in which life-dominating sins are involved.