Spiritual Boot Camp

The SPIRITUAL BOOT CAMP (SBC) material has been developed over a period of years in the context of pastoral counseling. It is a vital tool to be used in biblical counseling, but it is also a discipleship tool which can be used by all Christians. It is specifically designed to strengthen one’s daily walk with the Lord. In over thirty years of experience in biblical counseling, I have discovered that almost invariably, when Christians come for counseling of some sort, it’s almost a given that their personal walk with the Lord is not what it should be. In fact, it is shocking to discover what a weak and ineffective daily devotional time most Christians have.

Christians fall into sin and struggle with problems of depression, fear, worry and anxiety much more readily when their personal devotional life is weak, sporadic, and virtually nonexistent. Spiritual Boot Camp offers an opportunity for practical help in this matter of our daily walk with God. When entered into seriously and worked through thoroughly, the Boot Camp material can help restore the infrastructure of a rich and meaningful communion with God on a daily basis.

"Spiritual Boot Camp"(English) by Pastor Ted Groves