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JULY 2019



Pastor Groves and SBC team leaders west allis, wis.







Finished first conference. ... Could sense God at work. Local pastors indicated a desire to partner with the SBC Discipleship ministry.... On to second conference tomorrow. Keep praying!

A warm welcome at the airport in Visakhapatnam! Busy and tired since then.Keep praying for us ... pt & Gerry



AUG 6,2018


“Henry’s” Testimony …

[We are not using “Henry’s” real name for security reasons.]

 I am very happy to inform you a brief information a bout my testimony
 and a bout  ministry here in Myanmar.


 My name is “Henry” and i was born in Animist family background.
Known as Dai tribe and remote area, Southern Chin state, Myanmar. I have
 three brothers and i was the youngest in my family. My village was
 very far away from Township and walking   3 days by foot. It is
very mountain hill area and remote area. There is no car and no motor bike.                I am so sorry for both of my parents were died when i was childhood two
 year old. I am not recognized till today my parent. They did not have
picture too. Therefore, I grew up from my uncle family. Many people
look-down and despite me when i was young. I was crying always for my

I have no opportunity for playing football and games with friends, no time to
 attend school and no clothes for my childhood long life up to 10
years. I was so sorry for my life and want to died by myself many
 times. No hope and crying for many times for my sorrow and unhappy
 life. When i saw most of children going school and I was hunger and
want to attend school and crying the whole day. At that time my uncle
angry with me and give punish  to sent me school without clothes, no books           and no pencil for my first day of school. It is difficult to have school supply
materials. I am working hard for the whole day and i got short pencil
from my friend. This is my first time received one inches short pencil
in my life. How a happy time for me that day because of short pencil.

But by the grace of God in one day April 4, 1989 i was attend
 bible camp and I received Jesus Christ as my savior
and Lord!!!Praise Lord for that day. According to scripture John 3;16
and Gal 2;20.That day was wonderful day for my life and changing my
whole life, mind and vision. In Christ i have a  new mind, a new heart
and new vision for my life. God is good. I want to read bible in my
life and there is no bible. I am praying many time and one day, one of                   pastor gave me the book of John. It is happy day for receiving bible in my first Christian life.


 I was married in 2002 and now i have 6 children.


 I passed high school on 1994 in Basic Education High School at…. And i join for my training school and on Feb 9, 2002 i finished (B.Th)  degree from Missionary Training School, (MTS)  Yangon, and i received B,A (Philosophy) degree from University of Yangon on 2003. I join for my Master  and received Master of Divinity
 M.Div degree on 2012 from Faith Baptist Theological seminary, (FBTS)
Yangon, Myanmar.


After i finished my B. Th. degree on June  6, 2002 and i was praying  and started
 Fellowship Missions  among Buddhist area in the capital city of
Yangon. And i started as fellowship with non-Christian and share the
good news of Jesus Christ. By the grace of God many people are
received Jesus as their savior and lord. And the people who accepted
Jesus Christ it is need to fellowship and encouraged by the word of
God. Therefore, we started a new church plant as Fellowship Bible Church
in Yangon June 6, 2002. Now we have 10 church planters around in
Myanmar as Kachin state, Shan state, Paku divison and Yangon area.
 We want to send 100 church planters around in Myanmar to share the
love of God and making disciple.

God remind me a bout my childhood, how difficulties i was faced in my
life and to care orphans children in Myanmar  on  2006.

 We started as Victory Lighthouse Orphanage with 10 children .Now in
 our orphanage home we have 45 children. And under our ministry we have
145  children in 5 different orphanages home in Yangon who are from
 fatherless and motherless. Many many orphans children  are crying, hunger and
waiting to care to feed, to clothes for their physical and spiritual life. Many
children they could not attend school in many villages around in our
country. We are praying to add more orphans in our home and sending

And 2011 we  started training school Myanmar Bible College and now we
have 42 students in our training school here in Yangon. Our training
school motto is To prepare God's people for work of service (Eph 4;12) and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful
men, who will be able to teach others also.(2 Tim 2:2)All students are
coming from different part of Myanmar, different kind of churches  and
background. Some are finished their school and go back to their village
and become church planters  and christian leaders now. We want to train
 and equip thousand of young men and women to become mature in their life, a
servant of God and leaders next generation and making disciple in our country.

On 2012 we are praying to distribute bible, other christian books and
tract to new believers.Because many people are they did not have bible
and other Christian book in their hand. We are praying to distribute
500 bibles to new believers every year.

Thanks for your reading my long testimony.


24-25 2014

Dear Pastor Ted 


Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We thank God for how He has helped us with the SPIRITUAL BOOT CAMP MINISTRY IN TANZANIA. This ministry has begun here in Tanzania in September of 2014 for a two-day Conference in Arusha which involves Pastors in and from Tanzania on 25-26 September 2014 and Rev Ted Grooves as well as Samuel Mitrofan doing some teaching.


Afterwards I continued to do this ministry and really have seen God work in the lives of many. I did this ministry teaching in the areas of my own region of - Arusha, but later the ministry has continued to expand and grow. I have done this ministry in five different regions - Arusha, Dodoma, Tanga, Mwanza and Morogoro. (In Tanzania we had 30 regions)You can see now how God has expanded and exalted it and has now been needed everywhere in Tanzania.


In the Morogoro region, I conducted a SBC Conference in the church of the Free Pentecostal Church of Tanzania with a Rev Gabriel Duwau-EE Director in Tanzania. The seminar was a Blessing and the people were greatly blessed by it. Rev. Gabriel Duwau has a College for organizing evangelists to reach remote areas in Tanzania. When I did this Conference at his church, he was very excited with the SBC Materials, and has decided to incorporate these lessons into part of his students learning. There I gave them the SBC books and they really have enjoyed them.


In Arusha I have met with many various testimonies of people about the success of the Spiritual Boot Camp in the Churches that have learned and implemented sbc program. Rev Mrema the pastor in Tanzania who has the Assemblies of God in Usariver was very pleased with this teaching and had played a major role in and for his church said that the people understood the significance of spiritual warfare, and spiritual disciplines. The Discipleship of the Great Commission as well had been a great revival in the witnessing and bringing of the people To Jesus Christ. Rev Mrema also has decided to compile four seminars in various places here after seeing the great effect of the SBC Materials has been as well as a blessing to his church.


In Mwanza region, Rev.  Nicholaus Nzella a pastor in the Baptist Church said in his church most of the Christians there increased in the sharing of the Gospel. The church has used the SBC Swahili books greatly. There read the book and fulfill the Great Commission. 


I had a team of pastors who were working with me and have been a great blessing to me. After using the SBC Materials in their churches they saw good results and when I shared with them to be together they agreed with me. I have a team of five Pastors who are working with them for now. The Lord has given me a good team, the Pastors are very passionate about this ministry. We believe we will continue to do this ministry with great trust and commitment.


I praise God for the Spiritual Boot camp program. God has raised up many in Tanzania, Thank you very much for your support, prayers and financial aid as well. We pray to God to open the doors of blessings upon you and your team as well. We indeed pray to God for you, we appreciated very much all you who have done so much for us and your team as well. We still need further support from you because the ministry continues to grow and the need for SBC Conferences continues to grow as well. We praise Lord also for your help in doing these promotions for the SBC Ministry, because the pastors who come to our SBC Conferences are the ones who made and help with the promotions for the SBC Materials. After seeing the SBC Materials are good and useful for pastors as well as Christians once they return home, they organizing another Conference and invite us for the help of the training, so you see how this Ministry continue to grow.




Pastor Andre Nzaniye

 A Milwaukee Event

On Labor Day weekend (September 5, 2016) we enjoyed a visit from the SBC Representative from Burundi, Andre Nyzaniye, and his wife, Marie. Andre has served as the pastor of the Kanyosha Evangelical Church of Central Africa in Burundi for over 25 years. (Our friend Prosper Ndabishuri has served as a coworker with Andre in this church since its beginning.) Andre is a faithful worker in God’s Kingdom. We are blessed to have him as a partner in the SBC discipleship ministry.

Pastor Ted Groves




In mid-April of 2016, Gerson Monroy Reyes visited us at Grace Community Church in Wisconsin, USA. Gerson is the SBC Representative in Mexico. He lives in Mexico City and is a close friend and coworker with Norberto and Lisa Cortez at Mission Mazahua, in Mexico. It was a pleasure to spend time with Gerson discussing the SBC discipleship ministry and making plans for the future of our partnership with him in the SBC Great Commission discipleship ministry (Matt. 28:18-20). Gerson is an electrical engineer and his father is a pastor. He was recommended as an SBC Representative by Norberto Cortez, the founder and administrator of Mission Mazahua.