Dear Pastor Ted and the Mission Committee,


Greetings to you, Linda and the whole GCC and SBC family. 


My wife and I traveled to Victoria, British Columbia last May 17 and came back to Daytona Beach, Florida, June 1. Upon our arrival, we started reminding those who were invited Arnold and Melanie for the SBC seminar in the afternoon of May 28. Thanked God many had responded from different churches in the area. There were 3 Pastors and 8 lady church workers of the 30 people who came. It was a great experience for me and my wife expanding the ministry in the North American City.


On the 30th, we invited again those who have attended that were church leaders in the Philippines and one from Singapore but no church involvement since arriving in Victoria. We studied Luke 19:1-10 that Jesus in still in the business of SEEKING - SINNERS, SAVING - SOULS and SENDING - SAINTS. One of them volunteered to continue doing the bible study every Wednesday evening at the house of our adopted son. We are rejoicing with the development.


Since the venue was at the residence of our adopted son, we decided to have 3 lady volunteers in cooking the food. There was a lot of food left that we gave some to those who attended when they went home late in the evening.


Many pictures are still in the camera of our adopted son. I requested him to send it by email to me. The few in my camera. I have, also some difficulty in transferring it to my computer. I am praying that I can buy I pad that I can use taking pictures and at the same time use for emailing.


Thank you and God bless!


Yours for the lost,


Pastor Tim and Nida


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