Dear Pastor Ted  

Greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ 

We are very thankful to God for enabling us to have another SBC Conference here at Ndofe, it was conducted on 29th thru 30th of June 2021. Ndofe is one of the areas which is very remote area. In this area, there are huge shortages of churches. We thanked God that during our Conference people understood and learned more about fulfilling the great commission according to Matthew 28: 18-19. 

The people were not as many, but by the grace of God, we found the leaders in charge of spreading the gospel in this area who were seven total. (They are preparing them to be pastors), together with them, we had also the members of the church. We taught them about the Spiritual Boot Camp Materials, and we left their hearts burning for the work of God for the spreading of the Gospel, for their areas and to be more effective. We praise the Lord for the work in this area because soon we will expect to see changes in this area.  

We distribute the books for them, and they received them with the hands of many thanks. Along with this email, I have attached pictures of this SBC Conference.  

Thank you very much, Pastor Ted, for the SBC Team, and the entire church of Grace Community Church for your support. May the grace of God be with you all forever.  


Simon Samwel 


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