Dear Pastor Ted


Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ


We praise the Lord for another SBC Conference held on the 26-27 of June 2017 at Mazimbo.  We were very encouraged for the people who did come to the conference. The Conference gathered 70 people from 20 different churches. We taught all the lessons and the participants were very excited and encouraged by all the SBC Materials. The Strategies of Spiritual warfare, Spiritual Discipline, and the 40 Day chart are areas where by all of the participants were very interested. Many of the Pastors say that, Most of the Christians were not aware of the Spiritual warfare. So the conference became more helpful for them all. We thank the Lord that, the people were able to learn the materials. We also did distribute the books. And all were very excited with receiving the books.

Thank you for your support both in your prayers and your help with the finance. May God bless you and your team richly. 


Kindly see the attachment of the photos



Simon Samwel
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