JULY 22-24, 2022  

Dear Pastor Ted  

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  

We are incredibly grateful to God for making it possible for us to conduct this SBC Conference at Bugarika.  

We started this Conference on July 22nd- 24th 2022. Bugarika is a very remote area. After traveling for a long time, we managed to meet the Pastors (as seen in the picture below) who were very eager and happy to meet with us.  

At this conference we were expecting to have twenty pastors because it was a Pastors' conference, unfortunately, we manage to have only eight pastors. This is because of the small number of churches and the great distance from their home to the venue.  

These pastors heard about the SBC Ministry for a long time and wanted us to come to their places. Sharing the Gospel in this area is not easy because many of them still believe in other gods and witchcraft.  

These pastors have been doing ministry in an exceedingly difficult environment. When we taught them about Spiritual warfare, and how SBC Materials works specifically in promoting the Great Commission, the pastors were extremely excited and happy to have a tool that will help them in reaching many others for the Gospel of Christ. 

These few pastors who walked many kilometers to reach the place where we held the conference are going back with new energy and exceedingly high hopes. When they received the SBC Swahili book, they were incredibly happy and grateful. They counted the book as one of the tools that will continue to build them up Spiritually and to encourage them to reach the unreached. We continue to pray for them to reach many in their areas. 

Kindly see the attachment of photos  


Simon Samwel 

Arusha, Tanzania




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