Beloved pastor Ted and SBC team, we are so grateful to God for giving us the privilege to serve Him and be part of the Great Commission by doing Evangelize and Discipleship and by teaching the Word of God through the precious ministry of SBC. Thank you for allowing us to be part of this amazing ministry the Lord is using so that many children of God may grow and affirm their lives in the Lord. We would like to share with you a few blessings we enjoyed with the SBC in Bolivia and Argentina during August. In August we traveled to Agosto del Parani (ARGENTINA) where the Lord gave us the privilege to teach the Word of God with a group of youth leaders from our church who did most of the counseling ministry. 


We praise God for 180 young People who attended for 7 days studying the Word through the SBC material and during the counseling time we have been affirming and encouraging each young man and lady to use the tools we find in the Word of God and stand tall in the faith as learned in the SBC camp. We thank God because He worked in their hearts in a great 

Also, we had the privilege to teach the SBC material in a more detailed way to 3 pastors who asked me permission to use the SBC material to keep building up their churches. I told them that the SBC’s vision and mission are to encourage and strengthen the local church and as you do everything possible so that the Word of God gets to the entire world. 

TARIJA - BOLIVIA In August, the Lord blessed us by holding a 4-day training course with the children and teenage ministry leaders in our churches in Tarija. It truly was a great blessing! Most of the leaders were young but they were very eager to learn and were challenged to stay on guard as the spiritual war is real and the enemy is cruel. Their lives are having a real impact on so many and that is a huge reason to strengthen up and keep growing in their faith. The SBC material is a great challenge to keep pressing on growing and being faithful to the Lord. The children’s teachers asked me if there would be any possibility to adapt the material to the children’s vocabulary and understanding. God gave us the grace to reach 260 children in 8 neighborhoods and over one hundred teenagers and we are aware of the efficiency of the SBC teaching material and for that reason, we would like to adapt it to different ages we work with. So, I told them I would ask the SBC team about this initiative and as soon as I hear from you, I would let them know. You already have it so, please let us know your consideration regarding this. 

COCHABAMBA - BOLIVIA The Lord took us 1200 km (about twice the length of New York State) through the mountains (17 hours' drive) all the way to Cochabamba where we spent 6 days with the Grace Baptist Church with wonderful People. 10 years ago, we helped that church get started and established. 

During our stay there we taught the SBC material to all the leadership and spent time counseling the pastors and the ministry leaders. We thank God for His hand upon the SBC ministry as we can see how the Word of God encourages and challenges the brethren to keep growing and fighting the good fight. The church leaders there were incredibly grateful for the teachings and were challenged to teach themselves the SBC material to the entire church. They were asking us to put up an SBC conference for about ten churches and their pastors in the city of Cochabamba as they have fellowship with other churches and wanted to share the blessing with others as well. So, we pray for that possibility in November or December of this current year. Beloved SBC family, after all that the Lord has done and seeing His Good hand at work through the ministry, HE has entrusted us, all we can say is THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR GRACE AND MERCY and for giving us the blessing to work with you in the teaching of the Word in South America. 

We wanted to share with you a personal prayer request. Getting back from the mission trip to Cochabamba, Daniel had an accident and tore his Aquile’s tendon. It was a time of trial as we do not have health insurance BUT the Lord was good to us and provided people who rapidly made possible the immediate hospitalization for Daniel in a public hospital. Due to the pandemic, public hospitals only attend emergency cases, and the waiting lists are never-ending. Thank God he had his surgery and got his tendon mended and was sent home but the recovery of mobility on that leg will take at least 3 months. We know the Lord is in control and He knows the why and the what form of these things happening, and we will not be discouraged but we are challenged to be faithful to the Lord and keep pressing onward with the ministry the Lord in His grace has entrusted us. During October and November, we have a tight agenda and in God’s, we would like to carry it out but the doctor highly recommended Daniel to only move around using the crutches so he will have to slow down a bit but still do what he can do according to what the Lord allows. If you would, please pray for us during this month of October:  September 30th, October 1st to the 3rd we’ve had our YOUTH CONFERENCE with youth that visited us from different parts of Bolivia  October 14th to the 17th we will have SBC TRAINING in the Good News Baptist Church in Carachimayo – Tarija (about 2 hours away from town, it is a church in the countryside)  October 29 – 31 MISSIONS CONFERENCE: we will be encouraging the church to join the SBC ministry to keep teaching through the mission trips (pastors will be coming from Argentina and Peru and we want to challenge them to join the SBC ministry)  In each of these conferences and training courses we invest the financial support you give us by handing out freely the material to the leadership so that they may be challenged and invest themselves in their churches, but also cover the transportation expenses and hosting as we do not want to cause any trouble to the brethren. THANK YOU FOR BLESSING US SO THAT WE CAN BLESS our brethren in Bolivia and South América. Once again, THANK YOU SBC family for being part of all that the Lord is allowing us to enjoy in the ministry. We are looking forward to what the Lord is still going to do with the ministry He has entrusted with you. We love you and we carry you in our prayers.  


SAVED TO SERVE Daniel, Lidia, Caleb, Josué & Moisés 

Philippians 1:6 


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