Simon Samwel SBC Report Arusha Tanzania

Dear Pastor Ted

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


We praise Lord for SBC Conference we had finish at Meserani – Arusha. Meserani is the one of Arusha’s district which is in the remote area. This conference involves Pastors and church elders from remote areas. We praise the Lord for SBC Materials everyone was excited with these materials. After the conference the participants like to know more about, 40 Days Chart, Scripture Memory cards System, Guidelines for Personal Prayer list, Records of Bible Readings and Checklist for Accountability Partners. We made more emphasis for this and help them on how to prepare these materials and how to use. For sure people was enjoyed and agreed that, this conference was bring them to the next level in their ministry.

One of the Pastors told us that “I discover the problem face the growth of the church in my area is laziness of the Christians.” He said, “Most of our Christians were not know that they are at war every moment. If every Christian be aware of Spiritual discipline and four Battle strategies (Purity, Protection, Preaching and Priority) we can made Great commission in a huge way”  



Thank you and God bless you!


Simon Samwel

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