Pastor Groves;

Sorry for the delayed report.  Had 2 days at home after SBC trip to prepare for 2 National Conventions I had to attend - back to back!

Our Laguna SBC was such a blessing!  The first seminar was held in a church with representatives from 5 churches.  We had about 60 participants.  The second seminar was held in a house converted into a church meeting place with 44 participants and 6 churches represented.  As in every SBC seminar we've done, you can plainly see the hunger on the faces of the listeners.  We have conducted over 25 seminars and the blessing of teaching the SBC material never ceases to amaze us!  the evaluation slips we hand out at the end always states what a blessing the seminar was, how it opened their hearts to the importance of being prepared to serve the Lord.  A Vietnamese pastor who attended approached us about the possibility of us sharing SBC with the Vietnamese countryside churches.  We agreed to pray about it.

Max uses parts of SBC material in their men's ministry.  They had the opportunity this trip to share at a drug rehabilitation facility with over 40 men.

Attached are pictures with some of the participants.  There is also a picture of the bookmark we give to participants during our SBC quiz time.

Thank you again for the blessing of teaching God's Word through the SBC material.  God bless your ministry.

Grace and Raquel


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