SBC CONF MYANMAR JAN 23rd – 25th 2020



Dear Pastor Ted,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ from Myanmar.

We are happy to report an SBC conference in Myanmar.
We conducted the SBC conference on Jan 23-25 at Myanmar Bible Church and 50 pastors, young adults were participating in our conference.

It was a great blessing to study and learn about Ephesian 6;10. We have the armor of God. Many people were blessed through SBC conf.
They received a copy of the SBC book in Burmese and are happy to teach other people. and making disciples to church members and to others in our country.

Thanks for your support for SBC conf in Myanmar and please continue praying

for SBC Myanmar ministry.

The evil one is attacking always the believers to going the wrong way and

with many temptations often. At that is the time we need to have a strong faith and fighting the good fight against evil in all the surrounding areas.

It has been good to study and to continue learning SBC book and to practice it in our Christian

daily life.

Thanks, pastor thanks again for your loving support for SBC, and to increase the kingdom of God and to fulfill the great commission of Jesus Christ in our country.

Thank and God bless you.

In Him,


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