Dear Pastor Ted

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

We praise the Lord for the SBC Conference conducted in Kisesa on the 22-23rd of April 2017. We had 50 participants. Ten of them are Pastors from different churches and 40 are Church elders from different churches as well. We praise the Lord for sure. The conference was good and people were excited with all the SBC Materials. We taught all the lessons and most of the people were very much excited with the Four Battle Strategies; Purity, Protection, Preaching and Priority. This is the one of the areas we had concentrated more on because most of the participants like to know more about these important strategies.

We distributed to them 50 copies of Swahili Spiritual Boot Camp and the people also did enjoyed them as you can see shown in these pictures. We praise our Almighty God for his protection. Because we had returned safely and we saw how the Lord protected us and our families. Praise God.


I thank you and all who continue to enable us to reach the churches using the SBC Materials. Thank you for your prayer support and financial support. God bless you all. We pray for you all that, The Lord may raise more of you all because of the great job of building the kingdom of God.


We are in preparation for another Conference we are planning to conducting on 29-30rd of April 2017. Pray for us.


Kindly see the attachment of photos of KISESA SBC CONFERENCE      


Simon Samwel 


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