Beloved pastor Ted and SBC ministry team,

It is always a great joy to report back and share with you the great things the Lord is doing through the SBC ministry in South America.

Here we want to share a few victories for God’s Kingdom:

By God’s Grace, we had the privilege to teach the Discipleship philosophy through the SBC material to 23 pastors and their wives who attended the conference; they came from 8 different rural areas in the North part of Argentina.

It has been a tremendous blessing to share with them 4 days of intense teaching and training so that they may return to their churches and start disciplining and training up their people in each area.  Those pastors had to travel through the mountains over 10 hours to get to Abra Pampa, the place we met for the conference, so it has been worth going there and make all the effort.

The Lord has mightily used each SBC lesson to challenge the pastors to keep growing themselves and be strong in this spiritual warfare we are in.

Each pastor was challenged to study and teach the SBC material.  They were so excited to learn each lesson and they said they have never been taught such a clear, deep and practical material before.  To God be the Glory!!!

In September we organized the youth conference titled “Saved to Serve” having the purpose of challenging the youth to give up their lives to the Lord’s service full time.

There came youth from PERU, ARGENTINA, USA and different parts of cities in BOLIVIA.

By God’s grace over 150 young men and women have learned about the importance of making disciples and establish the saints in the Word of God through the SBC Discipleship ministry.

We believe YOUTH are the present and the future of our churches, therefore, it was worth all the investment over the 4 days, the intense work of teaching and encouraging them to make disciples.

Many of them were sharing their personal testimonies about how SBC was such a great blessing.  They were encouraged to teach this material in their own churches to their youth and fulfill the Great Commission. Halleluyah!!!

Thank God, we were able to travel to Argentina along with a group of 6 trained people in the ministry of SBC from our church.  Our goal was to help to preach the Gospel in a Sports outreach event.  There were 500 people participating so as you imagine, there was much work to do.

The people who organized this event have heard about the SBC ministry before so they contacted us to go and teach their youth about the Spiritual Warfare we are in and the weapons the Lord gave us to win.

We thank God for those youngsters who were encouraged and broken by the truth of God’s Word.  We believe SBC teaching was a change and encouragement to all those young people.

As for us, it has been a huge blessing to see our people teach the SBC material, see the Discipleship chain in our ministry, which indeed encouraged us to keep doing what we are doing.

  1. For our boys who are a huge blessing to us
  2. For the youth conference and all those who have heard the Lord´s call to serve Him
  3. For the great blessing of doing the mission work of training up and sharing the Gospel in Argentina, Perú and in our beloved Bolivia.
  4. For God´s care and provision in every trip, we made




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