Dear Pastor Ted and family,


Greetings in the lovely Name of the Lord Jesus Christ from all of us here in Bethel!


I just arrived from my SBC preaching and teaching itineraries in some of the local churches here in Mindanao and Visayas islands and I thank the Lord that I was able to speak to them in a Spiritual Boot Camp Seminar .Some of the churches are quite okay and while others are very very poor and struggling espesically the family of the pastors who are really suffering economically. You will see by the photos attached.


By God's grace, I was able to hold a seminar in Bantayan,Negros Occidental, Vista Alegre , Bacolod City and etc. last March 13-19,2017. I visited also Talisay City, Negros Occidental. Please do pray for next SBC seminar in Hinobaan, Negros Occidental comes April 8, 2017...Our congregation here in Gigaquit, Surigao Del Norte was able to sponsor my SBC activities. Some of the pastors here in Mindanao Island are also helping my fare and travelling expenses. All to the honor and glory of God.



The SBC work is growing now here in Visayas and Mindanao islands... Please continue to keep us and our work in your prayers. Will you also  pray for my brother Jay he is having a  dialysis treatment twice  every week  because He is in need of a kidney transplant  and my father  Jesse  is now  very very sickly at 83 both of them are also pastors in my home place in Bacolod City in central Philippines Visayan island of Negros. We may not always understand why our like journey unfolds the way it does, however the most comforting of being a Christian is that all these matters are in the hands of our sovereign Lord.


This is all for now. Have a nice and godly day to both of you best regards to your dear wife. I am looking forward to hearing from you Pastor Ted love you both in the Savior!


Your co-laborers,


Ebenezer and Lourdes










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