SBC CONF AT ANDHRA PRADESH September 21st, 2019



Dear Honored Servants of the Most Holy God, Greetings to you in Jesus Name.

I am so blessed to be the official SBC Representative of INDIA to conduct S B C Seminars in our State of ANDHRA PRADESH.

We had organized this seminar in a very good area and the Pastor has worked hard to inform many people. The result is a very good gathering. We have spent a good amount of quality time in teaching the lessons.

After the meeting, there was lunch. followed by Pastor Prasanna who is teaching 4 Chapters followed by my teaching of 4 Chapters. I will teach Chapters 1 and 2 and Pastor Prasanna will teach chapters 3 and 4 then I will teach 5 and 6 and Pastor Prasanna teach the final Chapters of 7 and 8.

We teach the other way around in other Seminars. It helps us to be well versed with all 8. We are right now concentrating on the coming up event. Carol and the team are leaving for INDIA on 25th of September 2019. We have a hectic program ahead.

Once this event is over then we will get back to more SBC Seminars. The tentative dates for the month of October 2019 are 11th and 12th which fall on Friday and Saturday. I will confirm in a day or two.

We the people of INDIA express our gratitude to You the Missions committee and all the Grace Community Church for choosing us to deliver the goods here in INDIA.

Yours in His Humble Service
Bishop Kishore Daroga INDIA


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