Sbc conf at Anakapalli India Nov 2019



Dear Honored Servants of the Most Holy God,

greetings to you in Jesus name. It is really a great joy to give you all the feedback about the SBC Discipleship seminar 1. I held at ANAKAPALLI.

We had a wonderful time with the audience. a lot of people came to us and said what they liked the most, are the four strategies  (in our daily spiritual struggle within) like Purity, Protection, Preaching&Priority(4 spiritual strategies )

Some HINDU people said that in their past life they were never taught about these(4 spiritual strategies) by their HINDU PRIESTS. That is 100% correct.

 In Hindu preaching, they never talk about these things. So, when we taught these, they were really happy and agreed that we should
follow these important things. In fact, they said these are new and listening for the first time were very encouraged by it.

There was a good gathering, Sir What a privilege to have and teach a very good book like this in India.

That is the beauty of this book of SBC. This concept is very effective in today's Christian Life Sir. Here are some pictures of the S B C Discipleship Seminar -1 of November 2019.

The book printing of SBC has been started and we will be finishing pretty soon and getting ready for it.

Yours in His Humble Service
Bishop Kishore  Daroga


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