The other SBC Introduction was in Alessandria located about 50 miles away from Genoa. Alessandria was founded in 1168 with a charter as a free commune to serve as a stronghold for the Lombard League, defending the traditional liberties of the communes of northern Italy against the Imperial forces of Frederick Barbarossa. With Napoleon's success at the Battle of Marengo (1800), Alessandria fell to France and became the capital of the Napoleonic Département of Marengo. From 1814 Alessandria was an active center of the liberals and was the first capital of an Italian province to be governed by a Socialist.


The event was hosted by a Baptist Church and we have had 32 people together at the event. We started with some hymns and we had a very nice worship service. The brothers and sisters were different some of them from Germany, one from Ukraine but we felt the Holy Spirit creating unity among us and the atmosphere was very warm. We have some local pastors and leaders and the communication was very good that is why we felt very welcome. There were more sisters in the audience and I understood that this is because of the high percentage of the elderly people needing assistance or medical assistance.

We saw enthusiasm on many people’s faces and many wanted to shake our hands and with much discussion at the end. We had some Romanian version books and we gave some and with what we received we have been able to cover our flights. We saw again the Lord’s hand at work and we realized how big the need there is for good healthy Christian teaching there. May God to be glorified!


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